Monday, January 18, 2010

Honeywell Lockbox How Can I Break Into My Lockbox/safe?

How can I break into my lockbox/safe? - honeywell lockbox

I am trying to understand how to do this in order to have the people who really know, haha steal.
I have a safe with a Honeywell digital code breaker and also a key starter. Batteries of the digital code has been killed and can not be changed in the box blocked. I have the key, (similar but after turning the key must be on another block with a security lock) to open it. The lock is broken and the box will not open. I pryed outside screw and slider Everythng can not find a way to open it. I really need help, how to get the lock. Please do not say LOCKSMITH not take it. AND ALSO Do not Say fire using a saw or because things are very sensitive and also money for NOT GOING to burn or a saw in half. Thank you.


TV guy said...

In return, Locksmiths

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